Sport Safety & The Law

Every sport has its own set of rules and regulations regarding how a game should be played, penalties, what counts as a foul and so on. However, the actual law did not participate in this process until quite recently, after the case of the death of Rowan Stringer, a 17 year old Rugby player that had sustained multiple injuries and concussions to the head.

This is when the Concussion Safety Law was approved and introduced by the government. The entire concept of this law is to help protect young athletes from further injuries, to protect coaches and giving them the responsibility of pulling out the athlete if the athlete has suffered from a concussion during a game or practice. They are to be educated on identifying a concussion and even treating it or getting the necessary help to get it taken care of.

Young athletes do not realize how serious a concussion can be, so it is up to the child’s guardian, who in this case happens to be their coach to make the decision for them, because if the child continues to play with a head injury, it can end up with serious and even fatal consequences. If you feel that your child was made to continue playing the game even after sustaining a head injury and/or the coach was negligent about your child’s safety, you can get a concussion safety lawyer to represent your case for you and have actions taken against the coach or whoever was responsible. Costa Ivone is a law firm that happens to have lawyers that are experienced and equipped with the necessary tools to be able to assess your situation, including the potential risk your child was in that situation, and then present your case to the guilty party.