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BLOM BANK FRANCE caters for:

Corporate needs through an array of trade finance, foreign exchange, hedging products and cash management:

  • Trade Finance Services comprise of import and export letters of credit, documentary collections and all types of letters of guarantee processed by a team of dedicated experts in a timely and proactive manner.
  • Forex products enable our corporate customers to access international currency markets either spot or on forward basis. We also offer forex and interest rate swaps.
  • Cash management array of services consist of: International inward and outward transfers in all currencies and quick euro transfers through SEPA.
  • The corporate banking team in Paris offers syndications or club deals to finance specific projects or medium term investments. We also offer all kinds of working capital financing.  

Individual needs through day to day banking products such as fixed deposits, current accounts, foreign exchange and cards:

  • Our specific pool accounts offer the possibility for multi-currency deposits.       
  • Paris branch offers several types of visa cards in Euros.
  • Cash counter transactions are available to service our valued clientele.

Correspondent banking through confirming and channeling trade finance and banking services.