Some Interesting Facts About Dublin You Probably Did Not Know

If you are fan of visiting amazing places, and meeting new, and amazing people, then I would suggest you to go to Dublin, Ireland. As someone who loves European places, Dublin has been one of my favourite for a long time, and for all the right reasons.

If you have not been Dublin before, you can actually check out a quick guide to Dublin and you will find all the information that you could possibly require. Still, some people might be interested in going to that place, but might not have the right amount of knowledge. if that is what you are looking for, then below are some interesting facts about Dublin that you probably did not know.

The Youngest Population

This is something that not a lot of people know but Dublin has the youngest population out of the entire Europe. For those who do not know, about 50 percent of the population of Dublin is less than 25 years of age. This is surprising because a lot of people think that Dublin is filled with people who are too old to care about anyone who comes into their city.

A Lot of Pubs

I don’t think this should come as a surprise to anyone but another interesting fact about Dublin is that the city has 666 licensed pubs in the city. Which basically means that you will never run out of pubs to go, which is great for someone who loves pubs. Not only that, the oldest established pub in Dublin is Brazen Head and has been around since 1198. AD.

10 Million Pints of Guinness

This is something that even surprised me; Dublin is known for producing 10-million pint of Guinness every single day. That is a LOT, but then again, it’s Dublin we’re talking about.

The Life of an Adventurer

While most of us are still stuck at their jobs and spending their holidays slacking around while they cane, others are working hard to save up for their next holiday adventure. Yes, work can be very exhausting but if you’re preparing yourself for an adventure to someplace new and exotic, you’ll come back all refreshed and energized at the end.

On this page we’ll show you some of the reasons why those who travel are much happier than those who don’t. Who knows, after you’ve read up a little bit on the benefits of travelling, you might want to plan your own holiday escapade with DownUnder Travel. Here are a few things that travelling can do for you.

Learn More About Yourself

This might sound profoundly mystic but when you travel someplace new and unfamiliar, you get an opportunity to think about your life. You face new kinds of challenges and get to interact with new kinds of people. You’ll notice new things about yourself as a person as you experience these things and return with a better understanding of yourself.

Strengthen Bonds

Staying at home for too long can make you drift away from those close to you. You see them in a routine manner and eventually you grow distant from your own family and loved ones. However, if you go travelling with you family, you’ll strengthen your familial bonds. You’ll also appreciate people back at home more once you’ve been away from them.

Help You Escape

We human beings crave new experiences but at the same time we rather try and cope with our stress than run from it. Well, sometimes you need to run and that’s why you need to travel.  If life’s getting you down, you need to change the scenery a bit and go away for a while.