Watering Basics & Techniques For Bonsai Trees

Many people get scared off because they think that growing and maintaining bonsai trees is an exclusive art but it is nothing like that but you will need to take care of them fully as they are living and breathing plants.

If you go to Bonsai Tree Gardening, you will find a lot of helpful information on dealing with bonsai trees but right now we are going to focus on watering basics that is probably the most important thing to know when it comes to keeping any plant alive. You need to remember that since the species of a bonsai tree can differ from the other, the watering instructions depend on the type of species but we are going to talk about the basic watering rules.

Frequency of Watering

As we mentioned above, the frequency depends upon the type species of the bonsai tree but as a general rule, do not water the plant if the soil is still wet. How do you check the wetness of the soil? You put your finger in the soil up to 0.4 inches and check. If the soil is a bit dry then it is time to water the tree. If you have a routine of watering your other plants then it is better not to follow it for bonsai trees because they are different. If you use the proper soil mixture then the water retention and absorption will surely be better.

Method of Watering

Now that you have an idea when you are supposed to water your bonsai tree, the next question is how do you do it? Once the soil gets a bit dry, you need to water it in a water that every root of it gets wet so do it till the water runs out of the drainage holes.