Treating Decaying Tooth Via Root Canal And Tooth Extraction

When getting treatment for a decaying tooth, people use tooth extraction and root canal interchangeably even though both the treatments are worlds apart so why do they do that? If we search for a common ground between these two treatments, it would be that both are used to treat teeth that are decaying so the cause is one but there is more to both the procedures. The first thing that you need to know about a decaying tooth is that it can be dangerous, painful and can easily spread to your other teeth which is why you should immediately look for a dentist near me and get it treated. The condition of your teeth would determine which treatment out of the two is needed but the dentist would be able to decide that easily. If you are about to get one of the treatments then we think that it is your right to know all about them so let us explain.

Tooth Extraction

The cause of the extraction can be a tooth decayed so much that there is nothing left to save or it could be a fractured tooth that needs to be removed. Since the procedure can be painful, general anesthesia is used and the specific tooth is removed completely from the mouth. After the procedure, there is a whole in place of the tooth which can be bad for the patient which is why dental implants are recommended.

Root Canal

Often the decay causes the tooth pulp to be completely useless and even dangerous which is why a root canal is done during which the decayed part of the tooth is removed while the patient is under local anesthesia and the whole procedure is done in not much time.