Top Awesome Health Benefits of Kayaking

Nowadays many people are suffering from chronic back pain and neck strains due to leading a sedentary lifestyle. Buying a high quality kayak would be more beneficial for your body than you think and you would be able to see positive changes within the first few months. Even if you have been going to the gyms for a few months you might feel like adding some other new activities in your life to avoid boredom. Outdoor sports are perfects fitness options for those people who are looking for new ways to get in shape and meet new interesting people who share similar passions.

The main difference you would once you start going for kayaking adventures is increase in the muscle mass in your upper body. The overhand grip used to hold the paddle above the water surface is a perfect way to increase endurance and strength in the upper region of the body. You would also notice massive improvements in your core strength because your body constantly has to work hard to stay in upright position no matter how rapidly the kayak changes its position. If you have decided to buy kayak paddles that are made out of durable material such as aluminum or fiberglass then make sure to see here now.

The range of motion of your joints would also dramatically increase because of constantly being in different positions that stretches the muscles in the shoulder region. The more flexible you the less susceptible you are to getting injured or experiencing a sudden shoulder dislocation. Kayaking steadily for about two days every week would hep you reach your fitness goals in a progressive way without seeing any side effects. You can even burn up to 1600 calories in a single kayaking session and return home with a great energetic feeling.