How Canadian Whiskey Has Seen a Resurgence

There was a time referred to as the Prohibition Era when alcohol was banned in the United States. During this era, Canada still allowed the production and sale of booze which meant that Canadian whiskey flowed into the United States and became and extremely important part of that era’s charm and history. However, when the prohibition on alcohol was lifted a lot of people started to focus on American brands more, and as a result Canadian whiskey started to lose out on popularity. Not only that but a lot of people started to denounce Canadian whiskey as an inferior brand, one that was not as high quality as its American counterparts.

However, in recent times people have started to pay more attention to Canadian whiskey, and they have allowed themselves to look at it a little more seriously. A lot of Canadian whiskey enthusiasts claim that they have been touting the benefits of Canadian whiskey for decades now but no one seemed to listen. However, now that the shadow of Prohibition has left completely people are starting to realize that there is a lot more to be gained from this particular brand of alcohol.

The newer distilleries that are starting to make whiskey are claiming that their stock is getting sold out during presales, prompting them to start producing more in order to meet demand. There are a lot of theories regarding the sale of Canadian alcohol and why it has been going up recently, and one theory is that this is caused by people wanting to stand out a little. The hipster trend has made a lot of obscure things extremely common which is why Canadian whiskey has become a popular trend among this community as well.

There is also the fact that Canadian whiskey truly is quite good. It has a lot to offer in terms of flavor, with the most intriguing thing being how different it tends to taste from things like Kentucky bourbon which is what people are used to at this point in time. Another thing that you might notice is that Canadian whiskey ages very well indeed, which means that you can buy a bottle and allow it to sit for a while, letting it gather the years before you drink it.

Another major reason why Canadian whiskey has been making such a big leap in recent times is because of the fact that manufacturers tend to be a lot more innovative. People in America that make whiskey have fallen into habits; they don’t innovate at all anymore preferring to create the same concoction every single time. Hence, it is very important to note just how much headway Canadian whiskey has made in recent times. Chances are that Canadian whiskey is going to get even more popular in the future, which is why so many people have started to incorporate it into their drinking habits and parties and are starting to stock up on the stuff.