Glass Balustrade Myth Busting

Have you ever come across really gorgeous looking glass fences on someone’s balcony or next to someone’s pool and wondered what it might take to make that glass look as clear as you see it? Glass balustrades are becoming more and more popular by the year and you’ll see them pretty often if you’re walking through any suburban area. If you think you haven’t ever seen them, then you can check them out at and refresh your memory.

A lot of people are very hesitant about glass balustrades at first simply because they’re made of glass and we think of glass as fragile and very easy to dirty. On this page, we’ll do a little myth busting of our own and see how well these glass balustrades fare against what we initially think of them.


Glass can be very fragile but it can also be pretty darn durable if it’s reinforced. The glass panels used to make fences are some of the most durable glass materials out there. They’re tested and compliant. Glass balustrades make better fences in general since there are no gaps in glass. With ordinary balustrades, we have to leave come gaps so that they’re see through but these gaps can be used by children who climb them which is dangerous – glass is durable and safer too.

Keeping Them Clean

How often do you clean your windows anyways? Once a week? Twice a month? Given how they’re exposed to the outside, your windows face a lot of dust but you don’t feel the need to clean them as regularly. You only need to clean your glass balustrades as often as you do your windows – just a little spray and wipe is all they need to stay pristine.