Fleet Monitor

Quite often we see trucks and other heavy duty vehicles that have the logo of a company on their bodies. These vehicles are part of a fleet that the company hires for transportation. This transportation is mainly for the goods of the company. These gods are most times very valuable that is why it is often extremely important that the fleet is managed precisely so that the goods remain safe. These fleets are often left to the mercy of the drivers operating the vehicles. The companies have limited contact with the driver and if an accident occurs for any reason then the company is liable for all the damage done.

Now this could be a terrible setback for the company. So to save yourself from the possibility of future loss, why not try to prevent it as best as you can? One way to ensure that the vehicles remains safe is installing dash cameras to ensure that your driver is driving safely on the road and not dozing off on the job. Having a view of the cabin will not get a better level of work from the driver but the company can also ensure that everything is safe and in order. Virtus Fleet commercial dash cameras, are one of the best in the market as they come with various features. They not only provide you with recording and live footage if the cabin but can also give you the status of the road.

This could come in handy if the weather becomes bad or there is some sort of blockage. Virtus has been catering to many companies and their cameras are one of the best in the business. They are brilliantly designed and are helping many companies manage their fleet better.