Fishing And Its Many Faces

People fish in a wide variety of environments, in a lot of different vessels and while the job of the fisherman is all but dead that does not mean that recreational fishing should not have a role to play in the life of an avid outdoorsman.

There are two types of fishing, inshore and offshore fishing respectively.

Inshore fishing:

As the name implies, this type of fishing is done close to land and almost always in waters less than 35 meters deep. This is how one would normally imagine fishing, in a lake or on a river, with a small or at most, medium sized vessel.  Inshore fishermen operate compact vessels such as dinghies, small fishing boats and if the body of water their operating in is big enough, some might even utilize small cabin cruisers but that is largely the extent of most inshore fishing vessels.

Actually, the true recreational value of inshore fishing becomes apparent in smaller vessels such as kayaks and dinghies because in these tiny, open boats, the outdoors man is at his closest to nature.  Kayak fishing, albeit rare, is becoming more and more popular due to its low cost and ease of transport of the vessel; to learn more about this relatively unknown form of fishing see this link

Offshore fishing:

This type of fishing entails tackling the high seas, far from land and usually on far larger vessels. Offshore game is also much larger and heavy duty fishing equipment like downside rods with 40 pound lines and multiple reels are required if one hopes to catch said game.

It is a much harder form of fishing than its counterpart, requiring navigation skills, ample knowledge of weather patterns and a solid idea of the environment your fishing in.