Different Ways to Pursue a Nursing Career

Everyone has a basic idea of who or what they want to be and as we get older and it is time to finally choose an education that can help direct us closer towards our career path, it is important to know the different ways you can get there. For the sake of this article, we will only be referring to those that want to pursue a career in nursing. Now, when it comes to becoming a professional nurse, there are three different directions you can choose from to get you there.

Your first option is to opt for a BSN or Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This is a 4 year degree and it is a comprehensive degree that will delve into different aspects of nursing, the challenges and different problem solving techniques. The cost of education can range from $20k-$40k annually depending on whether you are studying from a public institution or private and so on. This is a more rewarding course since you are more likely to be paid higher here.

Your other option is to opt for an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). This normally focuses on the core fundamentals of the profession. It is a 2 year degree in total and it can cost you around $12k-$15k annually from a public school. Unlike a BSN degree, you do not have to take any pre-requisites before starting an ADN.

Your last option is to go for a nursing diploma, now what is a diploma of nursing? Well, a nursing diploma usually comes in 2 forms. The first one covering the core topics of a nursing career, and, the second one covering nursing-related fields. This usually takes around 1-2 years to complete and as a rule of thumb, it is supposed to cost less than an ADN.