Addressing a College Student’s Woes

The time you spend in college is a very unique experience, and it is really something only someone who has been through it can understand. College is one of the most fun and stressful periods of your life. You will find yourself skipping class to study for another class, skipping a morning class because you were too busy partying the night before, emailing professors for extensions, showing up to class in your sleeping suit and pulling all-nighters in order to study for an exam or finish an assignment. Right now this seems like a really stressful experience, but you will look back on it a few years from now and find yourself smiling while thinking about it.

A college student has a lot of woes, be it regarding class schedules, the unnatural amount of work given by each professor excluding readings, and the inability to get enough sleep in order to keep up. However, for the sake of this article, we will be referring to a particular problem student’s face, and that is dealing with statistics. You do not just have to be a stat student to encounter stats, in fact, statistics is usually a pre-requisite for research methods, allowing you to be able to write your thesis, at least for most degrees. So, stats is pretty important.

The problem with stats is the number of steps you have to deal with, and it can get understandably frustrating for research students. Thankfully, there is a now a way you can easily deal with this issue, and this is through the use of free statistical calculators that are now available online. So, you do not have to worry about buying a calculator, running steps through SPSS and other software’s because you can now get it done really conveniently online.